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We have helped many people reclaim money lost on mis-sold investments and pensions. Watch some of our video testimonials below.

Kevin Heather from Essex received £3,489 - Lloyds

After inheriting some money from a member of his family Kevin decided to take advice from his bank about investing it wisely.

Kevin had no previous experience of investing into stocks and shares and had limited savings at the time. He also had an outstanding mortgage. Despite this he was advised to invest £5,000 into a risky Stocks and Shares ISA by his financial adviser at Lloyds bank. He lost £550 when he cashed it in.

We made a claim on behalf of Kevin for a mis-sold investment and got him back £3,489 within a matter of weeks.

Ann Cutts from South Yorkshire received £6,200 - Halifax

Ann Cutts lost her husband following a short illness and received funds from his pension scheme.

Understandably, Mrs Cutts was devastated at this time but nevertheless agreed to meet with a financial adviser at Halifax to discuss the best place for her money.

Mrs Cutts had never invested money before so trusted the adviser when he recommended her to invest a substantial amount in a Bonus Bond, which was linked to the Stock Market and therefore carried a significant element of risk.

Even though Mrs Cutts actually made a small gain on this investment she could have received better returns had it been placed in a more appropriate area. We complained to Halifax on behalf of Mrs Cutts and argued that she should not have invested so much money and certainly not at such a distressing time.

Halifax agreed and paid Mrs Cutts £6,200 within 2 weeks of receiving our claim.

Alan Bamford from Nottingham got back £1,154 for a mis sold FSAVC

Alan Bamford was a member of his employers occupation defined benefit pension scheme for many years.

He was mis-sold a Free Standing Additional Voluntary Contributions (FSAVC) pension by Midland Life. The adviser did not take into account the benefits of a similar scheme available to Mr Bamford from his employer that would have provided enhanced benefits to him on retirement.

As a result of our claim Mr Bamford was awarded £1,154 compensation.

Richard Dobbs from Newport received £1270 - Halifax

Richard Dobbs had a young family and wanted to start saving to build a deposit for their first home. He met with a financial adviser at Halifax to discuss the best way to do this.

Mr Dobbs had never invested money before so trusted the adviser when he recommended him to invest a significant monthly amount into a Stocks and Shares ISA.

Any investment linked to the Stock Market should be seen as a medium to long term investment lasting at least 5 years. We sent our claim to Halifax bank pointing out that Mr Dobbs should not have been advised to invest into this ISA. It should have been obvious that he would need access to the funds and in any case the product was too risky for a first time invester.

Halifax agreed and paid Mr Dobbs £1,270 within days of receiving our claim.

Keith Alderman from Bracknell received £1960 - HSBC

Mr Alderman received an inheritance following the death of his father and met with a financial adviser at HSBC. Mr Alderman had plans for most of his money but the adviser encouraged him to invest into a Stocks and Shares ISA.

Mr Alderman had never invested money before so trusted the adviser when he recommended him to invest into the British Trust Fund which was linked to the Stock Market and therefore risky.

We sent our claim report to HSBC highlighting how the advice was too risky for an inexperienced investor and within weeks secured a payout of £1960.

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Customer Stories

We've helped thousands of people win compensation as a result of unsuitable financial advice.

William Thornley I’m absolutely delighted with the service we got from Goodwin Barrett, I couldn’t believe how easy it was and i’ve nothing but praise for them
William Thornley from Bolton got back £21,400 from Halifax
Alan Parton This was an excellent result which my wife and I never expected. My sincere thanks to you for such an excellent achievement, I cannot thank you enough
Alan Parton from Bolton got back £15,500 from Lloyds
Stuart Snowden After sending a report to Santander, they agreed with our findings and awarded Mr Snowden an amount of £7,000 made up from a refund of the losses together with interest and compensation.
Stuart Snowden from Hull got back £7,000 from Santander
William Miller This was a fantastic result I never expected. My sincere thanks for such a prompt and efficient service.
William Miller from Yeovil got back £37,900 from Lloyds
Margaret Long I am so grateful to your company but especially to Steve Wise for getting me the money back
Margaret Long from Stockport got back £1,500 from RBS/Natwest
Janet Rynkiewicz We reported our findings to Halifax and within a matter of weeks had secured our client the sum of £26,700 in compensation.
Janet Rynkiewicz from Manchester got back £36,700 from Halifax
Fred Hardman After we sent a detailed complaint to Halifax, Fred was delighted to receive £6,916 from the bank in a matter of weeks.
Fred Hardman from Rossendale got back £6,916 from Halifax
Stephen Montague Having investigated the complaint Lloyds TSB agreed that the advice was unsuitable and agreed to pay the clients £10,700.
Stephen Montague from Hull got back £10,000 from Lloyds