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What is Poor Pension Advice?

Millions of people across the UK have been mis-sold their pensions, and are now receiving a lower retirement income than they’re entitled to.

The 10 Questions Every Pension Advisor Should Ask You

When preparing for a meeting with your pension advisor, it’s easy to focus on the questions you want to ask them. However, it’s equally as important that they’re asking you the right questions too – to ensure they find the right pension product to meet your requirements.

Pensions: How to Know You’ve Been Mis-Sold

The first major mis-sold pensions scandal took place in the late 1980s, and it continues to affect people to this day. Now we could be on the verge of another scandal of the same scope.

5 Examples of Pension Mis-Selling

Were you mis-sold your pension? It can be difficult to tell, especially if your financial advisor didn’t do anything obviously wrong. However, if your current private pension isn’t offering as much income as you would have received from your old workplace pension, then you may have cause for complaint.

The Most Common Mis-Sold Investment Products

Just about any investment product can be mis-sold. The problems do not often lie with the product but instead with the explanations given at the time of purchase. Here are four of the most commonly mis-sold investment products.

Why the FCA is Recommending Changes to Pension Transfer Advice

In June 2017, the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) published its proposals for changing the advice that individuals get from financial advisers on transferring their pension. In most cases, these transfers involved moving a pension from a defined benefit pension to a pension contribution scheme.

What Exactly Happened with Noel Edmonds’ Toxic Bank Experience?

When reading about mis-sold investment in the media, it’s normal to focus on the financial aspect – the reduced savings, or the impact it might have on the victim’s retirement. Most people don’t consider the emotions associated with this type of incident; and in some extreme cases, how poor financial practice can lead to anxiety, depression and sometimes worse.

Mis-sold Pensions News Round-up: September 2017

SIPP mis-selling, inadequate advice on defined benefit pension transfers, and mis-sold annuity claims are all in the news as companies, regulators, and the FSCS continue their attempts to right the mis-selling wrongs of the past.

Mis-sold Investment News Round-up: September 2017

As banks reported their results for the first half of 2017, further details emerged of the millions they are still setting aside to settle claims for compensation for mis-selling structured investment products and pensions. Plus, investors in a collapsed overseas property scheme start to get compensation.

Investment Mis-Selling News – January 2016

The UK’s biggest banks find themselves faced, once again, with significant fines and the FCA are experiencing criticism for cover-ups and other controversial suggestions. Here’s a round-up of the latest investment mis-selling news.

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Stephen Montague Having investigated the complaint Lloyds TSB agreed that the advice was unsuitable and agreed to pay the clients £10,000.