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How to Avoid Investment Mis-Selling

Recent mis-selling scandals should have made banks more careful about how they sell investment products to their customers. However, mis-selling continues to be a problem, and if you’re thinking of investing, it’s important to know how to protect yourself against it.

Investment Mis-selling: Counting the Cost A Report by Goodwin Barrett

Losing money is a risk any investor has to accept, and most people do accept it. But every investor, no matter what their level of experience, deserves to understand exactly what they are risking and where their money is going. When a high street bank is found to have systematically mis-sold thousands of investments – usually preying on older customers with savings to invest – the level of outrage it sparks is understandable.

Timeline of UK Banks Investment Mis-Selling

The high street banks have hit the headlines again and again for mis-selling investment products to their customers, many of whom have lost large sums of money – sometimes their entire life savings – because the likes of Barclays, Lloyds and RBS convinced them to make completely unsuitable investments. The banks have each paid out millions of pounds in fines and compensation, but sadly, it looks as though investment mis-selling will continue to be endemic in 2016.

Investment Mis-Selling News: December 2015

We’ve put together the biggest investment mis-selling news stories from the last month to help you stay informed. An investment is mis-sold if you lose money on your investment as a result of poor financial advice from your bank or advisor.

Guide To Hidden Charges in Investment Products

Most people are aware of the potential pitfalls when investing money, and these days, they’re especially aware of the risk of investment mis-selling. Poor advice, lack of risk assessment and reluctance to offer a full range of products are common issues, and all are grounds to make a claim.

Why Only 36% Trust British Banking

It’s safe to say that the various mis-selling scandals of the last decade have shaken British people’s trust in their financial institutions. In fact, the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) in conjunction with the Warwick University Business School recently released a report that reveals just how low our trust in our banks has fallen – and why.

IFAs: Rebuilding Client Trust After Mis-selling

As reports increase of banking mis-selling and compensation claims against UK banks continue to rise, claims are also increasing against independent financial advisers. These IFAs are finding themselves implicated through their recommendation of certain banking products, and suffering the knock-on effect of heightened Professional Indemnity (PI) rates.

Barclays Fined £72 million In Yet Another Scandal

Despite continuous warnings, fines, apologies and promises to do better, mis-selling and misconduct remains a problem in British banking. Barclays are the latest bank to suffer a high-profile scandal after being fined £72 million by city regulator the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) – a strong indication that the era of banking misbehaviour is not yet a thing of the past.

Investment Suitability – The Questions Every Adviser Should be Asking You

Many investment mis-selling complaints made to the Financial Ombudsman Service are related to inadequate investment advice. Customers report that their financial adviser did not provide them with a full range of options, or suggested an investment product that wasn’t suited to their needs.

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