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Customer Stories - Investments

We have helped many people reclaim mis-sold investments. Click on the bank name that applies to you.

Please note the amounts shown are before the deduction of our fee which is 40% plus Vat – total 48%.

William Thornley from Bolton received £21,400 - Halifax

William Thornley

After inheriting some money from his late mother`s estate Mr Thornley decided to take advice from his bank about how to get the best return. He made it clear to the bank that he was not a risk taker and could not afford to lose any money.

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Alan Parton from Bolton received £15,500 - Lloyds

Alan Parton

In January 2007 Mr Parton received some money when he sold his business and retired– he paid the proceeds into his current account. Lloyds TSB suggested he spoke to a financial adviser and he was quite happy to do this. The adviser recommended that Mr Parton invest £150,000 into a Flexible Options Bond and Mr Parton followed his advice which seemed to make sense.

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Stuart Snowden from Hull received £7,000 - Santander

Stuart Snowden

Mr Snowden had recently received a lump sum from a redundancy pay out and had paid the proceeds of this into his bank account. At this time the bank approached him to speak to a financial adviser who recommended that Mr Snowden placed his money into a Stocks and Shares ISA for the medium to long term, as he was planning on using this money help fund his retirement plans.

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William Miller from Yeovil received £37,900 - Lloyds

William Miller

In January 2006 Mr Miller received some money from his late father’s estate. Lloyds TSB suggested he spoke to a financial adviser and he was quite happy to do this. The adviser recommended that Mr Miller should invest £100,000 into a Flexible Options Bond and Mr Miller followed his advice.

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Margaret Long from Stockport received £1,500 - RBS/NatWest

Margaret Long

Mrs Long was encouraged to invest the money she held on deposit into a risk-based investment with RBS that lost money. Having assessed her circumstances both personally and financially at the time of the sale, it became apparent that the advice given by RBS may not have been suitable as her attitude to investment risk had not been assessed correctly.

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Janet Rynkiewicz from Manchester received £26,700 - Halifax

Janet Rynkiewicz

When Mr Rynkiewicz received his pension lump sum from his employer Halifax suggested Mr and Mrs Rynkiewicz speak to a financial adviser about what to do with the money. The adviser recommended that the couple invest £30,000 into Investment Bonds and Investment ISA’s.

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Fred Hardman from Rossendale received £6,916 - Halifax

Fred Hardman

Fred had sadly lost his wife and was in the bank when he was approached by the staff to see an adviser due to his substantial balance. He had received a payout from his late wife’s insurance policy and had paid this into his account.

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Stephen Montague from Hull received £10,000 - Lloyds

Stephen Montague

Mr & Mrs Montague were encouraged to meet with a Lloyds TSB adviser after Mr Montague had been made redundant and Mrs Montague had received an inheritance. They were encouraged to invest their money into ISA’s without having a full analysis of their financial circumstances to establish if the products were the most suitable. They were extremely disappointed when their investments lost over £3,000.

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Margaret Fitzpatrick from Manchester received £2,300 - Santander

Margaret Fitzpatrick

Mrs Fitzpatrick was referred to us by her son-in-law after we were able to help his mother. Mrs Fitzpatrick had a maturing 1 year deposit with Alliance & Leicester and wanted to reinvest her money for a further 12 months. However, rather than act upon her wishes, Mrs Fitzpatrick was referred to a financial adviser who recommended that she invest £24,000 into a Legal & General Distribution Bond for 5 years. This enabled Mrs Fitzpatrick to receive an income every month which would help cover her outgoings so she agreed and signed up straight away.

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Carl Potter from Bolton received £1,200 - RBS/NatWest

Carl Potter

In 1998 Mr Potter wound up his construction business and decided to retire. At this time Royal Bank of Scotland suggested that Mr Potter should invest some £6,000 into a Personal Equity Plan (PEP). The adviser explained to him that PEPs were tax free and Mr Potter thought it was a good idea. However, over the next few years the value of Mr Potter’s PEP fluctuated greatly, seeming to go down much more than going up. He waited for the value to recover and cashed in his PEP which made a small growth of just £176 over 10 years.

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Colin Booth from Stockport received £2,300 - Lloyds

Colin Booth

In 2006 Mr Booth had re-mortgaged his home through the Cheltenham & Gloucester in order to clear some previous finance and also to raise money for some home improvements he had planned on his property. In December 2006, Lloyds TSB persuaded Mr Booth to sit down with a financial adviser after depositing the funds into his account that he had allocated for his home improvements. The adviser recommended he invest £7,000 into a Stocks and Shares ISA.

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Paul Sheppard from Penton received £2,000 - HSBC

Paul Sheppard

Mr Sheppard had recently taken a lump sum from his pension plan and had paid the proceeds of this into his HSBC account. The bank recommended that Mr Sheppard placed his money into a Stocks and Shares ISA for the medium to long term, even though Mr Sheppard had mentioned that he may need access to this money in the near future.

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Daphne Soule from Manchester received £400 - Halifax

Daphne Soule

Mrs Soule had been through a difficult period in her life following the loss of her daughter and went to Halifax to ‘put some money away’ for her grandson as her daughter had wished. The bank was only too pleased to help but tied up Mrs Soule’s money for five years in an Investment Bond which had a guarantee at the end of the term if the funds were left in place.

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Robert Roden from Manchester received £2,700 - Halifax

Robert Roden

Mr Roden was purchasing his first home in August 1996. He sought mortgage advice from Halifax in order to complete on the purchase. In addition to making his new mortgage payments, Mr Roden was advised by the Halifax to make new regular contributions to an ISA. Mr Roden was happy to act upon this advice.

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Steve Jasper from Middlesborough received £3,000 - Lloyds

Steve Jasper

Steve had been continually contacted by his bank, Lloyds TSB, when a member of its staff noticed that he held a substantial balance in his account. They pressured him to meet with an adviser and discuss investment options.

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Brian Orsborn from Wigan received £13,700 - RBS/NatWest

Brian Orsborn

Mr & Mrs Orsborn were encouraged to meet with a Royal Bank of Scotland adviser because of the large amount of money they had saved in their deposit account. A guaranteed investment bond was recommended for a period of three and a half years along with two equity based ISA’s. At the end of the term they were disappointed to receive only the original investment from the bond and had lost money on the ISA’s.

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James McCann from Rochdale received £3,100 - Halifax

James McCann

Mr & Mrs McCann had recently paid the proceeds of the sale of a house into their Halifax account. At this time, they were approached by the bank to speak to a financial adviser and he recommended Mr & Mrs McCann invest £15,000 into a Personal Investment Plan for the medium to long term. Mr & Mrs McCann thought this would be a sensible option as they were approaching retirement and they needed to be financially secure.

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Michael Woolliscroft from Newcastle received £1,200 - Halifax

Michael Woolliscroft

Mr Woolliscroft had built up a healthy balance in his savings account over a period of time. He approached his local branch and asked for their help in getting a better return. He had recently retired from work due to ill health and any extra income these savings could produce would be a real benefit.

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Harry Sutton from Derbyshire received £9,900 - Co-op

Harry Sutton

Mr Sutton contacted us after losing £6,000 in a Coop bank Corporate Bond. He had been told the investment was safe and invested £100,000 but was disappointed to lose so much money when he finally cashed in the policy. He contacted us after reading about us on the internet. We discussed with Mr Sutton what he remembered from his meetings with the bank and looked at the paperwork he provided to us. This all pointed to a typical case of risks not being explained properly.

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Alan Cotton from Manchester received £15,000 - L & G

Alan Cotton

Alan had been a customer of Northern Rock for many years when he invested with them in 2005. The bank staff had been pressurising him to meet with one of their advisers when they noticed that his balance was substantial following his early retirement. Eventually, he agreed to meet with the adviser and proceeded to take his advice to invest into a Legal & General Bond despite the fact that he had actually earmarked the money to buy a rental property.

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Allan Jones from Shotton received £7,800 - Wills & Co

Allan Jones

Mr Jones had bought single company shares on the recommendation of a stockbroker Wills & Co. The shares contained a high level of risk and subsequently dropped significantly in value.

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Derek Bullock from Manchester received £7,200 - Phoenix Life

Derek Bullock

A representative of Britannic Assurance (now Phoenix Life) advised Mr Bullock to save £100 per month to build up a nest egg for his retirement. The plan began in 1999 and went on for 10 years when Mr Bullock cashed it in getting back £2,000 less than he had actually put into it.

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Graeme Rowse from Hull received £6,500 - Lloyds

Graeme Rowse

In 1997 Mr Rowse was approached by his bank to talk about his savings and getting a better return. The adviser recommended that Mr Rowse should invest £10,000 into an ISA/Unit trust and Mr Rowse decided to accept this advice.

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Hilary Maton-Jenner from Merseyside received £6,400 - Barclays

Hilary Maton-Jenner

Mrs Maton-Jenner had invested £20,000 with Barclays bank having received a pension lump sum payment in 2007. After three years the investment had lost £3,000 which came as a big shock to the client, particularly as she had wanted her capital to remain secure without any risk. Mrs Maton-Jenner approached Goodwin Barrett and spoke with Senior Claims Adviser, Steve Wise to explain her situation.

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Malcolm Nash from Birmingham received £13,000 - HSBC

Malcolm Nash

Most people expecting sound financial advice would normally turn to their bank, believing it would have their best interests at heart. Malcolm Nash believed the same when he turned to HSBC for advice about his substantial savings. What he ended up getting was totally inappropriate advice meaning he lost over £8,000 within 12 months.

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Donald Dalziel from Birmingham received £1,500 - Lloyds

Donald Dalziel

Donald invested £5000 some years ago with Lloyds TSB. He was not in great health at the time but was encouraged to invest his savings for a term of 5 years. Consequently, Donald lost money on his investment when he subsequently surrendered this a few years later.

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Patrick Caulfield from Altrincham received £16,000 - Barclays

Patrick Caulfield

Mr and Mrs Caulfield were contacted by their bank in 2007 after Mr Caulfield retired. He had received his retirement lump sum into his account and the branch staff noticed this and suggested an appointment with a financial adviser. Mr and Mrs Caulfield attended this appointment and despite making the adviser aware that they were intending to move house in the very near future, were advised to invest a large sum of money over a period of 5 years.

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Robert Gaskell from Wigan received £2,000 - Lloyds

Robert Gaskell

Mr Gaskell approached Lloyds TSB seven years ago when he had received a sum of money from the sale of his previous property. He had recently gone through stressful times as he had lost his mother, got divorced and had also been made redundant.

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Catherine Gault from Paisley received £1,065 - Lloyds

Catherine Gault

In 2002 Catherine’s father had passed away and whilst she was in the bank dealing with his affairs it was suggested by a member of staff that she met with an adviser to discuss investments. She had previously cared for her father and was obviously grieving for him. The adviser suggested she invest a sum of money despite her vulnerable state at that time.

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Susan Lomax from Carnforth received £1,500 - Barclays

Susan Lomax

Miss Lomax, now a local councillor for Morecambe town council, retired in 2001 after working for Boots for 27 years. She approached the Woolwich to ask for financial advice for the funds she had saved and was recommended to invest £30,000 into a With Profit Bond with AXA. Miss Lomax was happy to leave her money invested for 5 years with the understanding it would be safe.

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Christine Fletcher from Hull received £6,900 - Lloyds

Christine Fletcher

In December 2006 Mrs Fletcher received some money when she had to take early retirement from her job in order to look after her husband who had suffered a stroke. Lloyds TSB encouraged her to speak to a financial adviser when this money was paid into her account, she was happy to do this. The adviser recommended that Mrs Fletcher invested £25,000 into an ISA and OEIC and Mrs Fletcher followed his advice which seemed to make sense.

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Derek Smith from Lincoln received £1,200 - Lloyds

Derek Smith

Mr Smith invested into a Capital Guaranteed Bond but was disappointed when after six years he only got back his original investment and nothing more. He had originally been contacted by Lloyds when the bank noticed he had paid in a cheque following a redundancy payout.

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James Phelps from Derby received £1,500 - Co-op

James Phelps

Mr & Mrs Phelps were encouraged to meet with a Co-op adviser because of the large amount of money they held on deposit, the proceeds of a property sale. They were encouraged to invest their money into risk based products. They were extremely disappointed when their investments lost money as it had been their intention to leave it on deposit.

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James Willis from Liverpool received £7,500 - AW Chase

James Willis

When Mr Willis retired with a lump sum from his employer he turned to an Independent Financial Adviser for advice about how to top up his income in retirement. He made it clear that he could not afford to lose money but understood that there may be highs and lows. The adviser recommended an ISA and Investment Bond. Mr Willis left his money invested for 12 years and when he eventually cashed it in he barely broke even.

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Philip Shaw from Blackpool received £3,700 - RBS/NatWest

Philip Shaw

Mr Shaw explained to his adviser at NatWest that he did not want to take risks with his money when the bank approached him about investing some of his savings. He was recommended a Guaranteed Investment Bond where the value of the capital cannot dip despite stock market fluctuations.

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Preston Horton from Bristol received £900 - Halifax

Preston Horton

Mr Horton had built up a healthy balance in his savings account over a period of time. He was approached by his local branch who suggested a meeting with its financial adviser. He was retired from work and receiving a pension and any extra growth on these savings would have been a real benefit.

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Neil Stevenson from Blackburn received £12,000 - L & G

Neil Stevenson

After being made redundant Mr Stevenson got a cheque which he duly deposited into his Yorkshire Building Society account. Mr Stevenson simply wanted his money to work harder for him so he asked for some advice at his local branch. The financial adviser from Legal and General recommended he put away £47,000 into a property fund.

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Ronald Sawyer from Wigan received £4,500 - Lloyds

Ronald Sawyer

Mr Sawyer invested some of his savings into an ISA linked to the stock market after taking advice from his bank. He trusted his adviser to give him the best advice for his circumstances but it transpired that he was only told about all the possible benefits of this type of investment with little or no discussion about the true risks involved. He lost £1,200 when he cashed in his ISA.

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Steven Lansdowne from Leicester received £800 - Halifax

Steven Lansdowne

In 1996 Mr and Mrs Lansdowne sought investment advice from Halifax bank having accumulated surplus monies in their bank account. They wanted to explore the option for their money to grow in a safe tax efficient fund.

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John Gilbert from Burton-On-Trent received £1,880 - Lloyds

John Gilbert

John and Marilyn were nearing retirement a number of years ago and planning a house move when they approached Lloyds TSB for some investment advice. They were recommended to invest into a combination of ISA’s and Unit Trusts with Scottish Widows.

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Colin Armstrong from Hull received £1,400 - Lloyds

Colin Armstrong

In 1997 Mr Armstrong approached Lloyds TSB to open a regular savings account. He had wanted to save a regular monthly amount of £30 over a 5 year period so that he could treat his wife to a special holiday when he reached age 65.

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Kevin Mitchell from Rochester received £6,000 - Santander

Kevin Mitchell

Kevin Mitchell invested £50,000 six years ago with Santander and when he surrendered the money just two years later he found he had made a loss on his investments of £2,800. He thought there would be nothing he could do about this, until he came across our company on the internet.

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Frank Challoner from Liverpool received £3,000 - Lloyds

Frank Challoner

Frank had been made redundant from his job back in 1998 and had received his redundancy payment into his Lloyds account. He was encouraged by a staff member to see a financial adviser and discuss investment options. Frank was then recommend to make an investment despite being out of work at the time and living on a much reduced income. He was also suffering from poor health and his future employment prospects were uncertain.

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Alan Burke from Bolton received £34,800 - Santander

Alan Burke

Mr Burke was contacted by Santander because of the large amount of money he held in his deposit account. He was persuaded to invest his money into an investment bond with the promise of greater returns than those available in his deposit account. The transaction was completed during one meeting.

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David Mitchell from Dumbarton received £14,400 - Lloyds

David Mitchell

Mr Mitchell was encouraged to meet with a Lloyds TSB adviser after he had retired from work. A unit trust was recommended which subsequently lost money.

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We've helped thousands of people win compensation as a result of unsuitable financial advice.

Please note the amounts shown are before the deduction of our fee which is 40% plus Vat – total 48%.

William Thornley I’m absolutely delighted with the service we got from Goodwin Barrett, I couldn’t believe how easy it was and i’ve nothing but praise for them
William Thornley from Bolton got back £21,400 from Halifax
Alan Parton This was an excellent result which my wife and I never expected. My sincere thanks to you for such an excellent achievement, I cannot thank you enough
Alan Parton from Bolton got back £15,500 from Lloyds
Stuart Snowden After sending a report to Santander, they agreed with our findings and awarded Mr Snowden an amount of £7,000 made up from a refund of the losses together with interest and compensation.
Stuart Snowden from Hull got back £7,000 from Santander
William Miller This was a fantastic result I never expected. My sincere thanks for such a prompt and efficient service.
William Miller from Yeovil got back £37,900 from Lloyds
Margaret Long I am so grateful to your company but especially to Steve Wise for getting me the money back
Margaret Long from Stockport got back £1,500 from RBS/Natwest
Janet Rynkiewicz We reported our findings to Halifax and within a matter of weeks had secured our client the sum of £26,700 in compensation.
Janet Rynkiewicz from Manchester got back £26,700 from Halifax
Fred Hardman After we sent a detailed complaint to Halifax, Fred was delighted to receive £6,916 from the bank in a matter of weeks.
Fred Hardman from Rossendale got back £6,916 from Halifax
Stephen Montague Having investigated the complaint Lloyds TSB agreed that the advice was unsuitable and agreed to pay the clients £10,000.
Stephen Montague from Hull got back £10,000 from Lloyds